Friday, January 23, 2015

Jesus is waiting!

"Jesus appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) that they might be with him and he might send them forth to preach..."
Mark 3:14
This was especially interesting to me, this morning, after the "waiting for God's call" message earlier this week.  From the followers of Jesus, he called twelve guys--choosing them to be with him and later to send them out to take his message to the people. They waited--Jesus called.  But before they could do anything, they needed to be WITH Jesus.  He prepared them by spending time with them.  We, too, need to be filled with Jesus before we can share Jesus with anyone else.  We cannot share what we don't have ourselves!  Is there a way we can spend some quiet time with Jesus this weekend? Think of it as filling your cup before you can pour it out to others.  Jesus is waiting for you! Love, heidi

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thoughts on the Sabbath...

"The Jesus said to the Pharisees, 'Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath rather than to do evil, to save life rather than to destroy it?'"
Mark 3:4
Lost in the whole should-Jesus-heal-on-the-Sabbath question is the man with the withered hand.  What about him? He was restored during Jesus' miracle and now he can better work to take care of his family, contribute to society, feel good about himself.  It's too bad all that gets lost in the Pharisees quibbling about what day of the week Jesus chose to perform his miracle. The Jewish laws were strict on what activity could be done on the Sabbath, but Jesus' point is, shouldn't we be able to do good on the Sabbath? Shouldn't what we do be life-giving? Restorative? My silent/Mary Sundays are certainly both life-giving and restorative!  And, another thing I thought of with this reading...Jesus performed a healing miracle on the Sabbath.  It wasn't "work" for him, as we consider work.  It wasn't hard; he didn't break a sweat healing the man. The Gospel doesn't even say Jesus touched the man's hand.  He simply asked the man to stretch his hand out and it was healed.  A miracle. And Jesus was paving the way for his greatest miracle also occurring on a Sabbath--his resurrection.  Thereby really turning the Sabbath on its ear! Love, heidi

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Patiently (?) waiting...

"This is the truth we must learn through faith: to wait on God. And this attitude of mind is not easy.  This 'waiting,' this 'not making plans,' this 'searching the heavens,' this 'being silent,' is one of the most important things we have to learn. The moment will then follow when we are called..."
Carlo Carretto, "Give Us This Day"
I read this on Sunday and it was the answer to prayer for me.  I have never been good at waiting! Even as a little kid, I was always beside myself with anticipation leading up to a big event.  And now, I'm slowly getting the picture that I am to wait on God for this and that: answers, movement in my life, changes I'm to make. Waiting, waiting.  I'm reminded of the butterfly within the cocoon, patiently waiting until the absolute perfect day to emerge.  Hours earlier could mean the butterfly isn't viable and will not survive.  There is a moment when I will be called.  And, in the meantime, I am to wait on God.  It's reassuring in a way, isn't it? Waiting suggests a passiveness, but it is more of a receptiveness and a preparing.  I'm being honed and nourished from the inside out.  Patient Lord, help me to put myself on your timetable!  I wait for your call, knowing that it will come.  When I am ready.  Love, heidi