Thursday, December 26, 2013

Make room!

"She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."
Luke 2:7
We had a wonderful homily on Christmas about making room for Jesus in our own personal "inn." And, I am here to say, that making room for Jesus--even a tiny little space--will change our lives...for the better.  There were a couple of instances over the last several days when I felt one way, and, thankfully was able to act another, thanks to Jesus residing in my inn.  Making room for Jesus can help us to act less selfishly, more thoughtfully.  Making room for Jesus can help us to get over silly annoyances and make more room for kindness.  Making room for Jesus can help us decide to choose the better part, instead of sitting back and letting others do everything.  So, let's spend some time thinking about how we can make room for Jesus in the "inns" of our own hearts.  And then, watch out!  We will be changed...for the better!  Continued blessings on your Christmas!  Love, heidi

Monday, December 23, 2013

Come, already!

"We are always the 'stable' into which the Christ is born anew. All we can really do is keep our stable honest and humble, and the Christ will surely be born."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Preparing for Christmas with Richard Rohr"
As it happens most every year, on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, I sat in church and thought, "Come, Already!"  I'm done with the waiting, the anticipating, the preparing.  Come! And be quick about it! After reading this, I can kind of see why this impatience has taken me over.  My stable is ready.  All it needs now is an occupant.  It seems like after the kids arrive I get caught up in all the fun and festivities and my Advent reading may get shoved to the end of the day, if done at all.  I hope to carve out a bit of time these next days to read and reflect and keep my stable tidy.  I hope you can all do the same!  For now, I wish you all the love of the Christ child and the happiest of Christmases!  Prepare your stable and then be prepared to open it eagerly to the treasured Guest who is coming! Love, heidi