Friday, October 18, 2013

Dressed in joy!

"You have changed my mourning into dancing,
removed my sackcloth and girded me with joy,
So my soul sings psalms to you,
and will not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will thank you forever!"
Psalm 30:12-13
This was the evening meditation psalm last night and I couldn't add a thing except a resounding, "Amen!"
Our journeys are such twisting and turning roller coasters! But whenever we take the time to glance backward we can see the pattern of God holding us, lifting us, and celebrating with us.  Let's read and reread this passage several times this autumn weekend and not be silent in our songs of praise!  Love, heidi

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blessed are the inadequate!

"Blessed are those who feel inadequate, for they must constantly lean on God..."
Fr. Ed Hays, "A Book of Wonders"
Daughter Sam has an opportunity that she must discern in the next week or so.  One thing I told her is, if she ends up taking this opportunity, she will certainly need to rely on God--there's no way she could do it on her own!  This is not me questioning her abilities or talents, at all.  This is me, being real. The minute we feel like we, ourselves, have all it takes to accomplish something, that is the minute we are called up short, and the little we know is made obvious. I know I constantly feel inadequate in a job I have been doing for 34 years! Will I ever get it down pat?  I pray never...I never want to do this job without relying on God. God and I make a much better team than just me alone. How about you?   Blessed are we, who feel inadequate! Love, heidi

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

God trembles with our tears...

"God beyond our words, all creation tells your story; you have shaken with our laughter, you have trembled with our tears..."
Bernadette Farrell, "God Beyond All Names"
We had this beautiful song as an opening for our meeting at the Motherhouse, so it was on the playlist in my head.  Good thing, because I needed it yesterday.  I was driving down 17th and a woman was frantically trying to stop traffic.  Nearly impossible task, that.  The car in front of me stopped and, as she and a child crossed, I glanced over to why they were trying to get across the street.  In the street a small dog lay motionless.  I put my hand over my mouth and just prayed.  The sad picture brought back a most- terrible day in my childhood when our dog was hit by a car of a busy street.  I begged St. Francis to care for the dear little critter.  And I asked God to care for the people there; the woman and her child, the people gathered who were helping.  Thanks to this song, I realized that God was sad too. This was just one of a million things that hour that broke God's heart.  Our God is infinitely compassionate to us and all that wounds us.  God trembles with our tears.  Amen.  Love, heidi

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Speak with your Friend...

"Speak with God as a Father, as a Mother, as a Brother, as a Sister, as a Lord, as a Spouse. Sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, God will teach you what you must do to be pleasing."
St. Teresa of Avila, "Let Nothing Disturb You"
In honor of the feast day of St. Teresa, I hunted up this wonderful quote.  I love the idea of just talking with God, one to one, as a confidant and friend. In times of solitude, this just comes naturally to me.  It is sometimes harder for me to concentrate on rote prayer, but that is just me; many people do better with that.  I just like to talk, so just talking with God is very real to me.  I also need to be mindful of listening to God, and not just doing all the talking! Today, as we go about our post-holiday Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday, let's take some time to just talk to God.  Maybe we can tell God how we are doing or what is frustrating us, or if we are excited, anxious or bored.  Let's share with God the vents and events of our day.  And then tonight, let's spend some time in silence to listen to God's response.  Blessings on your day! Love, heidi

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gratitude with legs...

"Jesus said in reply, 'Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine?'"
Luke 17:17
I thought of the Gospel yesterday as I traveled home from Kansas.  I was especially aware of being grateful to the people working hard so I could arrive home safely, the airline check-in folks, the baggage handlers, the flight attendants, the pilots.  On one flight, one of the pilots had to come out and wrestle a suitcase into the overhead bin!  I wanted them to know I appreciated them.  But, I wondered if the words "thank you" are just too easy.  I started wondering if Jesus didn't have in mind us putting a little more meat on those words when he was asking where the other nine lepers were.  Words are cheap, the old phrase says.  But gratitude expressed and then kind action surrounding it makes it a little more worthwhile.  I will take away from this, not just saying thank you, but following up with a little extra kindness, too.  I always seem to get a survey from the airline after a trip and this time I will fill it out, thoughtfully and gratefully.  Gratitude needs to have legs to it...words may not be enough.  Let's think of that as we go about our day, today!  Thanks be to God, I have a holiday today!  Love, heidi