Friday, May 10, 2013

From grief to joy!

"You will grieve, but your grief will become joy."
John 16:20

None of us wants to go through grief. We want to avoid suffering, of course. But, our experience of grief cannot be hurried through or glossed over. We humans suffer loss and grieve the loss--it's how we are wired and Our Creator wired us that way. Jesus, who took on our human skin, grieved the loss of his friend, Lazarus, and also was swept up in the grief of many of his day. He healed and comforted many who grieved loss and suffered illness as he traveled his journey. But, somehow, miraculously, the grief moves through us and gives way to joy. It is sometimes so subtle that we may not even realize it as we go through it, but we notice it looking back. The lifting up our shoulders, the brightness in our eyes, returns. We feel joy again. Sr. Joyce Rupp says we need patience and faith in God's strength in helping us move through the grief to new life in joy (Living Faith).Today, as we relish a beautiful spring Friday, let us thank God for giving us the gift of moving from grief to joy. I am very blessed to be spending Mother's Day weekend in a silent retreat, learning about Our Lady of Guadalupe! Blessings on all mothers this weekend! Love, heidi

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Touched by God

"At different times, my life has been touched dramatically by the hand of God. Perhaps it was an experience of prayer. Perhaps it was a sense of being called. Perhaps it was a sense of God's providential care in a situation."
~The Little White Book

Wow, when I read this today I had a sense that it was ALL of the above! It is easier to stay on the Jesus-Journey when we have live experiences of the hand of God. When we can look back and see God-tracks through our days, situations, troubles and joys. God is an active participant in our day if we invite God to be. If we can take a minute on a busy spring Thursday, let's spend some time in quiet prayer, thanking God for the experiences of God that made us feel at home...or the call we heard long ago...or the arms of God that carried us through a difficult time. Let's thank God for loving us! Love, heidi

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The sounds of silence

"God speaks in silences and only those who are quiet of heart can hear what (God) says."
Thomas Green, SJ, "Opening to God"
So, I noticed, mid-way through my journey yesterday, that the fuse must have gone out in the radio of my state car. No music! Oh dear! I suggested to God as I continued to fiddle with it..."Either miraculously heal this or you'll have to settle for me singing all the way home." Apparently, God chose me singing. Funny the songs that popped into my head as I traveled from the hither-land...I Love You Lord, Holy Ground, Dan Schutte's Mass of Christ the Savior (hey, it was still fresh from Sunday!) I also relished long periods of silence (which I'm sure God appreciated, too). I heard the raindrops on the windshield and the wipers whisking them away. The sounds of silence. It was a lovely trip. Even after the radio is fixed, I hope I have the wherewithal to turn off the music sometimes. I kinda like the silence. Love, heidi

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In a word...

"I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all my heart, for you have heard the words of my mouth...
When I called, you answered me; you built up strength within me."
Psalm 138:1,3
I love this Psalm today! Why? Because it is a May, and, thus a great day to celebrate everything that God has done in us and for us. God's handiwork is growing and blooming all around us. God is recreating our northern hemisphere with new life! And the new life can grow within us as well. Today, let's look at the world with spring-loving eyes. Let's give profound thanks that God hears every word from our mouths and gives us everything we need to flourish in our lives. Remember that, if the only prayer we pray is "Thanks," it will be enough. Love, heidi

Monday, May 6, 2013

Listen, open, act!

"Lydia...listened, and the Lord opened her heart..."
Acts 16:14

I love the story of Lydia because it shows us that accepting Jesus into our lives and believing in Him doesn't mean sitting around, saying we are Christian! Lydia was baptized and immediately invited the disciples into her home. Her conversion led to action--immediately! We can give lip-service to being Christian, but what is really necessary is our giving service-service. I have been watching a PBS documentary series called "God in America." It has been fascinating to watch, throughout our history how faith has shaped this country. One of the most stunning examples, though, as been when Christians read their bibles, then set them down and went to work--making sure the poor were cared for, prisons were humane, children were educated. It was just like Lydia: they listened to the word of God, their hearts were opened, and they acted. Listen, open your heart, and act! Good advice for a May Monday! Love, heidi