Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Love vs fear...

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear..."
1 John 4:18
I really think that fear is the root of what seems so wrong in our world today. People are afraid--for themselves. They're so afraid that something bad will happen to them that they cannot see the bad that is really happening to others. Jesus' disciples in today's Gospel (Mark 6:45-52) are afraid, too, of the storm whirling around them on the sea.  Jesus says to them, "Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid." He could be speaking to us, right now, in our day. Jesus tells us not to fear for ourselves, our own people, our stuff, but to reach out.  Others are suffering. Do not be afraid to help. The perfect love of God, channeling through us, will dispel the fear.  Love, heidi

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

God is love...

"...for God is love."
1 John 4:8

We've heard this all of our lives, haven't we? On Pray-as-You-Go they asked an excellent question, "How might God's love be revealed through you on this day?" Wow, that. You see, it isn't our love we spread around the world at all.  It's God's love revealed through us. The love comes from God, because God first loved us (v. 10). God's love flows through us and out to others only if we are open channels of love.  Knowing that it isn't really our love to begin with makes us shudder at being selfish with it. God only asks that we be open conduits of love, sharing what we have been bountifully given. As I sat there, pondering this earlier, I mentally went through my calendar for today, thinking of how God wants to love each person I am to see. I have a full day of opportunities to love God's people! Instead of dragging myself around this winter Tuesday, I want each encounter with others to be an opportunity to share God's love.  Sort of puts a spring in our step, doesn't it?  Let's do it! Love, heidi

Monday, January 4, 2016

Where is God?

“Sir, I believe that whenever one person shows respect for another person, there is God…”
Richard Rohr, “Hungry and You Fed Me”

Fr. Richard Rohr recounts a time he was doing retreats in India and became ill due to something he ate. A young Hindu boy was asked to care for him and he, devotedly, met every need Fr. Rohr had as he recovered. Father asked him one day, “Who is God for you?” And the lad answered with the quote above. When I read this in “Give Us This Day” yesterday, I got teary. We tend to make our God stuff so complicated! When, in reality, it is quite simple. We can see God when we love and respect others….friends, family, strangers. God is there whenever a kind word is shared, even a simple “good morning” to a stranger. God is in every simple act of respect and kindness, the tiniest one. Let's remember this beautiful truth as we begin a new year! And, as we do, we will see God everywhere! Love, heidi