Friday, December 2, 2011

Yes, yes!

"Then he touched their eyes and said, 'Let it be done for you according to your faith.'"
Matthew 9:29

According to their faith? Is Jesus saying that to me, too? But what good will that do, my faith is so wobbly? Let's look at the two blind guys Jesus healed in this reading. The reading says they followed Jesus, crying out to him. When Jesus asked them if they believed he could heal them they replied "Yes, Lord!" They obviously had faith in him. But I look at my faith a little like my effort to do silent prayer. The desire is there. I bring myself to the appropriate position.,..silence, no light on, sit comfortably, sacred word in mind. And, despite my best intentions, my mind wanders off to my grocery list or what I am going to do after work. My efforts prove weak and wobbly, just like my faith. Or are they? Just like the blind guys, we come to Jesus with desire, wanting to encounter him. We come to him because we believe he will heal us, just as the men in the Gospel did today. Jesus may ask us if we believe and our souls answer, "Yes, yes!" Even though our minds may wander, there is "Yes, Yes!" in our hearts. Jesus loves and applauds our efforts! Our desire to encounter Jesus is our following behind him, like the guys in today's Gospel. Let's make that a goal for this second weekend in Advent, Friends! Let's set aside time this weekend to encounter Jesus. Our faith will heal us! Love, heidi

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How beautiful!

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!"
Romans 10:15

So, did we all have encounters with Jesus yesterday? As I drifted off to sleep, I went through each of my encounters and realized how Jesus was a very present part of my day. Jesus was a client, a coworker, a student, a daughter, a convenient store clerk, a teacher and my fellow Zumba dancers! Jesus had a busy day in my life, what about yours? I found that, as I realized it was Jesus I was encountering, I reacted differently toward people. I looked at each situation through Jesus' eyes and saw it a bit differently than just looking out of my own eyes. Now, this scripture from Romans, is actually quoting the prophet Isaiah, and reminds me of a beautiful song I learned years and years ago for a funeral. It was tricky to sing, but, thanks be to God, we pulled it off. The message to me piggybacks on beautiful are the feet of those we will meet today. How beautiful are the individuals we will chat with, hold the door for, let in front of us in traffic, wipe a nose for, help into a coat, cook a meal for...share our day. How beautiful indeed! Love, heidi

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who will Jesus be in our day, today?

"The small child of Bethlehem, the unknown man of Nazareth, the rejected preacher, the naked man on the cross, he asks for my full attention."
Henri Nouwen, "The Lord is Near"

And who will this be in our day today? The frustrated checker at the grocery store? The single mom coming into St. Vincent de Paul? The unruly child in the classroom? The frightened teenager going into Birthright? The lonely man in the nursing home? The crabby customer in line? Who will Jesus be in our world today? Maybe all of them. Jesus will be in our world today and he asks for our full attention! Love, heidi

Monday, November 28, 2011

For the present...

"Jesus said to his disciples, 'Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come..."
Mark 13:33

Sometimes, we humans do better with deadlines. Do this by such-and-such date. I need this by Wednesday. You get the idea. But, for Jesus, in yesterday's Gospel, the deadline is now. Jesus urges us to be on the edge of our seats right now. Deadlines give us the opportunity to procrastinate and Jesus doesn't want us to do that. Jesus wants us in a constant state of readiness. I remember one of my Irish sisters used to always use the phrase, "For the present..." Meaning now. Now, is the time to take stock of our hearts and make ready for Emmanuel. Now, is the time to help our neighbors and those who have less than we have. Now, is the time to heal our hearts of grudges and past hurts. Now, is the time to forgive and open our hearts. Now. Today. For the present...get ready! Jesus is coming! Love, heidi