Thursday, January 5, 2012

Explore your alive-ness!

"Wholeness comes to you when you know why you are alive and whereto everything is aiming."
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, "This is the Day the Lord Has Made"

Wow...heady stuff for a winter morning! But it got me thinking...why AM I alive? The Baltimore Catechism answer is that I am alive to give praise and glory to God. Check. But, why, beyond that, am I alive. This has been interesting as my role as a parent has gradually been changing. I do feel that I am alive to be a good mom, and that definition has changed from actually parenting kids to my new role as a mom to grown up kids. As roles change, sometimes they get muddled. Sometimes I lapse into the old worrying-about-them form of mothering only to be chided by "I'll be fine; just calm down." I feel I need to offer moral support and guidance, if they ask, prayers constantly, whether they ask or not, and mainly just cheering them on. My role is to love them mightily, and give praise and glory to God that they are in my life. If you have a chance today, ask yourself this heady question...why am I alive? Be prepared to spend some time on it! And rejoice and thank God for your alive-ness! Love, heidi

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a new year, let's sing a new song!

"Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done wondrous deeds..."
Psalm 98

I was thumbing through a devotional book I had not read in a while (I change them around year to year) and I found a slip of paper. It was my New Year's resolutions from four years ago. I realized that I could just change out the year and they would be the exact same ones I would choose for this new year we just started a couple of days ago. Good grief! Have I not made any progress in four years? That part was a bit discouraging but this Psalm helps me puts it in perspective. "Sing a new song..." It is still a brand new year and God has given me another day, today, which is pure gift. Any resolutions I could think of and jot down on a scrap of paper should all lead to two goals...I need to love God and love my neighbor. Anything else is just fluff. I'd like to also to be a bit more like this new dog I recently adopted. He is the most enthusiastic critter you've ever seen! He is sort of a "Buddy the Elf" of dogs. I'd like to be that excited about the simpliest things. So, as we begin this new year, let's think of it all as gift. Let's love God and love each other more and let's get more excited about the simple, little things in life. Love, heidi