Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Deeper Place...

"That's why I have to go into the wilderness, where I let God call me by name to a deeper place. This is the peace that the world cannot give. But I promise you that it is also the peace the world can no longer take from you."
Richard Rohr, "Simplicity-The Freedom of Letting Go"

This was one of my retreat books and this is taken from the last paragraph.  I read this, put the book down and said, "Yes!" That is why I go into the wilderness. I hear God call me by name to a deeper place. I sit in that deeper place and soak in the grace God gives me there.  This time the deeper place calls me to a deeper simplicity in my life...trying to let go of the need for power, prestige and possessions. There are many ways to live a simpler life and letting go of stuff is just one part. There is also the need to let go of, what St. Francis called "the purse of our own opinions," which, in my case, is more like a footlocker and weighs almost a ton! I will be continuing to explore and pursue this journey for the next several months and the above book was a wonderful guide, as was my second retreat book, "Eager to Love," also by Richard Rohr.  Dear Friends, I learned so much! And the beauty of the high desert was breath-taking this time of year!  Stay tuned for more, heidi