Friday, August 31, 2012


"To listen to God, to be open only to him in the stillness, is true love."
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, "This is the Day the Lord Has Made"
The last day of August. Labor Day weekend. It all points to one thing for me. Change. Soon my backyard chapel will change colors, even though the warmth will linger for a while longer. My days have already begun to change, with school kids on my calendar now. Soon, the dizzying schedule of autumn activities...retreat, In-service, Girls' Weekend, the last unfettered trips to see friends before winter. Change. I hope and pray that I can read and re-read Fr. Wilfrid's statement here often and take it to heart. In the stillness is God. In the quiet times, squeezing out a few more afternoons reading in the sun, I can see God. I imagine God will come inside with me for the winter, but I have such a rich experience of God outside that I tend to cling to that. So, during this weekend of BBQ's, the fair, the fun and the friends, let's take one or two moments to relish a bit of stillness. And let's all be safe and pray for those who are struggling this weekend. Love, heidi

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The best gift...

"If we miss the gifts, we miss the loving presence of the God who gives them."
Fr. Kenneth Grabner, "Living Faith"
I really liked this today. I am so much more aware of the gifts I receive everyday from God, but this gives me something else to ponder. The gifts represent the loving presence of God. The true gift is the presence beyond the gift. Wow, that. Today I have a long drive to see clients in the hither-lands of Idaho. Usually this trip is Prime Time for me receiving so many wonderful gifts; the scenery, the peacefulness, the long time spent in the company of God. Today, let's be especially aware of the gifts in our day and go behind the gift to the presence of our loving God. We may enjoy the sunset, but let's enjoy the presence of God behind the sunset. Love, heidi

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"The proof par excellence of the Christian who has experienced God's unbearable forgiveness and infinite patience is that he/she is able to be forgiving and patient with others."
Brennan Manning, "Reflections for Ragamuffins"

Think about the last time you sat, hat in hand, and prayed for God's forgiveness. And think about how relieved you were when a sense of peace flowed through you and you just was alright. Now, think about extending forgiveness to another and, possibly, giving them that sense of peace. Jesus was so vivid in his lessons about forgiveness. The parable of the landowner forgiving the servant and the servant going out and shaking down the person who owed him money is crystal clear. If you are going to come and ask for forgiveness, you must be willing to also forgive. Is there someone who needs forgiveness in your world today? Is there someone you need to apologize to and ask their forgiveness? Love, heidi

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thanks be to God!

"Not until you thank God with all your heart do you step out of yourself and become united with God's will."
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, "This is the Day the Lord Has Made"

I read and re-read this several times this morning. It is stunning in its simplicity, and oh, so true! But it's hard to thank God when things seems upside down! And what does thanking God have to do with God's will anyway? Fr. Wilfrid goes on to explain that thanking and praising God puts us in harmony with God and then what we ask is already in harmony with God's will. So, we pray for what God wants for us already. Interesting! Today, this final Monday of August, let's thank and praise God for whatever happens. It may not all go according to our agenda, but it may be what we need to learn...and may be what we need to grow. Pray for all those starting a new school year today, too! Love, heidi