Friday, April 27, 2018

Dwelling places...

"In my Father's house there are many dwelling places."
John 14:2

Pray-As-You-Go had a lovely little Lectio Divina prayer with this Gospel this morning and it was wonderful for me. Maybe it would be worthwhile for you to try this spring weekend! First read the Gospel (or you can listen to it, link below) Think about the words that jump out and capture your imagination in the reading. For me, the words "dwelling places" jumped out, probably because I'm wound up about my dwelling places right now. I'm selling one and am needing one in my new place when I move, so dwelling places are on top of my fret list! Then, PAYG asks that you pray with the words that jumped out for a little while and imagine those are the words Jesus is saying to you today. A bit later in the reading Jesus tells his apostles, "I am the way, the truth and the life." (v. 6)  In my prayer, I heard Jesus say to me, "I am your dwelling place, heidi-dear. Live in me. Rest in me." Seriously, a wave of calm came over me in hearing that!  I invite you to try this with any Gospel, but this one sure gave me exactly what I need today.  Blessings on your spring weekend! Love, heidi

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Twirling at the crossroads...

"As to (St) Francis, he twirls around like a top at a crossroads to discern which way God wants him to go, and then sets off with utter confidence in the direction where he finally lands."
Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, 4/26/2018

I giggled when I read this today because it sounds a wee bit like me, but for the "utter confidence" part. I wish I had more of the utter confidence. I mean, I do, but it is quite buried in the depths of my heart and I need to visit it there often or I will go nuts. I need to just stop my racing brain and sit in stillness, several times a day, in fact. I need to go deep or I will get dizzy from the twirling I am doing at this crossroads! Whenever we make huge changes in our lives we may spin around, but something mysterious lures us in one direction. I have seen it many times in my own life and now see it as our adult kids grow and make changes in their lives. Today, as the school year winds down and big changes are occurring in the lives of many, let's pray that all can find peace deep within. It is there, but we have to stop twirling and tap into it. Love, heidi

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New calls and possibilities...

"Whether the path is difficult or easy, confused or clear; it is true for everyone that one is never at the goal and must always remain open for new calls and possibilities."
Adrienne von Speyr, "The Discourses of Controversy" (Give Us This Day)

As we grow older, it is harder to hear and process new "calls," I fear. We get overly comfortable in our old calls and settle in, even if they began to feel constricting and less comfortable. They still seem to fit, somewhat. Sometimes we may think we think we hear a call that goes against conventional wisdom (whatever THAT is). People question us, we question ourselves. But the call may seem so alluring and beckoning that we just can't turn off its music in our heads. It's like a siren song, guiding us through a murky fog, leading us to a new place.  If all of this sounds like I know what I'm talking about, it's because I'm going through this right now. Retirement and a move are on the horizon for me, and while it is all so exciting, it is all quite nerve-wracking, too. I'm on the amusement park ride and I'm a little too anxious to throw my arms up in the air--I'm holding on for dear life. But, through this whole thing, I know that this is the answer to my prayers for the last several years, "What am I to do, dearest God? And where do you want me to do it?" When we pray and pray and some point we may get an answer! And, as I'm learning in my Immortal Diamond course, "The answer to every prayer is the same; it's the gift of the Holy Spirit." (Fr. Richard Rohr).  And that is the most tremendous gift of all! Love, heidi

Monday, April 23, 2018

Live abundantly!

"I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly."
John 10:10

I had super abundant life this past weekend, as most of my time was spent outside! It was the first weekend this spring I was outside enjoying God's gift of warm sunshine. I was able to dig in the dirt, clean out flower beds, revel in a freshly mowed lawn (that I didn't have to mow!) I just sat and listened to birds singing and watched a lady bug doing her lady bug thing in my daisy bed. It was all so perfect! It's amazing how a couple of days of sun can warm our winter-weary bones, isn't it? Not to mention our saggy winter spirits. We can see abundant life in the fresh newness of spring as we study the First Bible--creation. Every living thing teaches us about God. The tiny lady bug I watched was as beautiful as anything I have ever seen.  How do we see living abundantly as Jesus promises it to us here? There are as many ways to live abundantly as there are people living it. What is abundant life to us?  Love, heidi