Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Try something new!

Have you ever sensed God beckoning you to do harder things? We can get so complacent and comfy in our little worlds and predictable routines, that stepping out of those can be scary and challenging. Moving to Boise has been one continuing series of new adventures and I'm constantly being called to the next harder step. Just being new can be daunting! After being so "settled-in" for so long, being new can be very humbling. Looking through the Gospels, we see Jesus beckoning his followers to new adventures all the time. He tells them to go out into deep water and drop their fishing nets. He sends them out two-by-two, like lambs to slaughter, to preach his Good News. He invites Peter to step out of the boat and walk on the water. If that isn't challenging, what is? The older we get, it may seem harder to respond to these beckonings, but, as I'm finding while climbing out of the metaphoric boat myself, these challenges are where growth can really flourish in us. Feeling uncomfortable, taking a chance, being humbled in service--all of these bring us closer to God. We come to the edge of ourselves and have nowhere else to turn in our uncertainty but to God. That's when God fills in the gaps and gets the job done--with us and in us. Today, let's try something new! Let's put ourselves out there in a situation that may make us shudder with trepidation, but yet give God a chance to shine through us. Love, heidi