Sunday, December 23, 2018

Everyone is given a gift...

"Christmas creches and the gospel of Bethlehem validate the truth that God's Presence is to be found in the most unexpected places and most unlikely persons."
Fr. Ed Hays, "Meeting Christ at Broadway and Bethlehem"

Look around the stable.  Who is there? Fr. Ed Hays points out that the "important" people of the time, the priests, the hierarchy, the elite are not there. Oh, the wise men come later, but they come become they are wise, not because they are important. Look around your own "stable." Who is there? Do you host important dignitaries? Do you surround your table with the wealthy and elite? Who is around your table? Jesus is your guest. Jesus is the guest of all who see that God is present in the most humble and unlikely places and people. Once again, I watched the beautiful movie, "The Nativity Story" last night and was so touched by the old shepherd who visits the stable. His dirty, trembling hand reaches out to touch the newborn babe and, instead of pulling the baby back, Mary offers Jesus to the shepherd to touch. "Everyone is given a gift," she says. Indeed. Everyone. May your Christmas be merry and bright...Love, heidi