Thursday, October 3, 2013

Listening hearts...

"Give us listening hearts and open ears, that we may hear and heed your word for us."
Give Us This Day, Morning prayer intentions
This is so much the message for me this morning!  I love the image of a "listening heart."  I can certainly relate to "open ears," but the image of a listening heart is so rich and wonderful and draws me in deeper.  I think a listening heart is a compassionate heart, beating in rhythm with God's heart. Today, we will meet and cross paths with many people just in our typical Thursday life.  But, today, let's consider how we can use a listening heart in our encounters.  Not just listening to the words of others with our ears, but listening to their spirits with our compassionate hearts.  Let this prayer be our prayer for today...
Give us listening hearts and open ears, that we may hear and heed your word  for us.  Amen! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Soul converses with God...

"The Soul:  'Lord! I bring thee my treasure:
It is greater than the mountains,
wider than the world,
deeper than the sea,
higher than the clouds,
more glorious than the sun,
more manifold than the stars.
It outweighs the whole earth.'
God: 'O thou! image of my divine Godhead,
ennobled by my humanity,
adorned by my Holy Spirit,
what is thy treasure called?'
The Soul: 'Lord! it is called my heart's desire,
I have withdrawn it from the world,
denied it to myself and all creatures.
Now I can bear it no longer:
where, O Lord, shall I lay it?'
God:  'Thy heart's desire shalt thou lay nowhere
but in my divine Heart and on my human breast.
There alone wilt thou find comfort
and be embraced by my Spirit.'"
~Mechtild of Magdeburg, thirteenth century mystic
I read a book on women mystics while on retreat and this particular passage, from this particular mystic really touched my heart.  What is our heart's desire? Is it getting too heavy for us to carry? Can we bring it to our God for safekeeping?  Love, heidi

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Little Way...

"(St) Therese called her spirituality 'the Little Way'. It involved performing one's daily actions, whether pleasing or disappointing, in the presence and love of God.  By this means one could turn any situation into a profound arena for holiness; each moment, accepted and lived in a spirit of love, could become an occasion for heroism and a potential step along the path to sanctity."
Robert Ellsberg, "Blessed Among Us," Give Us This Day
This was so interesting to me because it is the same message I received while on retreat.  Any vocation can be turned into a spiritual calling if done in love and for the glory of God! One does not have to have specifically a religious vocation to have a Godly vocation.  This was such a powerful message for me because I feel so called to a religious life as I see my life's direction change.  But I learned on retreat that being a ticket-taker at a movie theater could be a religious vocation if done WITH love and FOR God.  God blesses the work of our hands and it is that, and the spirit with which we do that work that gives it the sanctity.  It is such a beautiful message to take into our hearts today, Friends! It's October!  Blessings on your new day and month, love, heidi

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bring the words to life!

"For today we must translate the words of the Scriptures into deeds and instead of speaking saintly words we must act on them."
St. Jerome, translator of the bible
Even though he died way back in the year 420 AD, St. Jerome knew that the scriptures were just words on a page unless people took them to heart and actually turned them into deeds. Words in themselves don't do a whole lot, they just sit there.  But words turned-into-actions can alleviate suffering, feed, clothe, encourage, you get the picture.  Today, let us celebrate the feast of St. Jerome by selecting a passage of scripture and acting on it.  I have chosen this part of the second reading yesterday...
"But you, pursue righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience, and gentleness..." (1 Timothy 6:11)
These are beautiful words, but if I don't take them into my own heart and act with faith, patience and with gentle love, they remain JUST words.  I encourage you to find a passage and bring it to life today!  Blessings on your autumn Monday, love, heidi