Friday, August 19, 2011

Coming, going, staying...

"The Lord will guard your coming and going both now and forever."
Psalm 121:8

By the end of today, Sam will be on her way back to college and I will have sixteen fewer products in my shower. And to prove to myself that life is not completely over, I am riding in a twenty-five mile bike ride for the Idaho Falls Arts Council tomorrow. Comings and goings...our lives are full of them. But that doesn't make them easy, necessarily. And, this time of year, all over the country, kids will be leaving home, parents standing on the curb, waving. I vividly remember doing it myself. I remember driving out of the driveway embarking on a cross-country trek, my dad looking older to me than he ever had. The coming home times were always wonderful, but the partings were sometimes difficult. Now, I am on the other end as the parent staying behind, keeping the home fires burning. And, it is a bit tough. But it is reassuring to know that God guards our comings and goings and even our "stayings." God is in our midst as we go through these times! Blessings on you, Friends, and your comings, goings and stayings...Love, heidi

The Friday Song of the Day!

You can't watch this without laughing...especailly if you ever attended a Jesuit school...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Come to the party!

"Are you envious because I am generous?"
Matthew 20:15

This reading will always remind me of my little friend, Helen.  She was a late worker to the field and yet, she received a full days' wages.  Some early workers may grumble about that, but not me.  I was just thrilled she came to the field at all.  This reading has always taught me that our sense of "fairness" is nothing compared to God's gift of mercy.  We go around thinking this is fair or that is unfair and God just chuckles.  God knows that God's gift of infinite mercy may seem overly generous to us, but thankfully, that doesn't stop God from lavishing us with love and mercy. God never gives up on us coming back if we wander away.  God never thinks it's too late for us to come to the party; God is just waiting for us with a party hat.  And so.  This reading will always be "Helen's gospel" for me because God brought it to life for me, in Helen.  Love, heidi

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrate the unexpected!

One of the greatest challenges we face is to lay aside our need to control our life, especially our future. Are we open to the God of Surprises who seldom does things exactly as we expect?"
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, "In Steadfast Love"

The "God of Surprises!" I love that.  And isn't that the case?  I can see myself clinging tightly to control, only to feel so much better if and when I finally let go the reigns.  I don't have the Big Picture.  I don't know the whole story.  I may know a tiny fraction of the situation but that doesn't stop me from trying to control the situation.  And also, control can be boring.  For example, my house is completely disheveled with two kids home this week.  It looks like it was stirred with a spoon.  The control-side of me longs for order and tidiness, but I know that order and tidiness means no kids around.  And which would I rather have, ultimately?  It will be all-too quiet around here next week and I will long to have to forge my way through the living room! So, today, let's ease up on the grip of our lives.  Let's be more open to surprises and the unexpected.  Let's celebrate a little chaos in our summer day! Love, heidi

Monday, August 15, 2011

Give me a sign!

"It is in the deep silence of a heart that doesn't desire anything stimulating that God can reveal himself."
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, "The is the Day the Lord Has Made"

I read this yesterday in the still silence of my backyard and it is sticking with me.  We are so needing to be captivated and entertained, even in our relationship with God.  We want signs, just like our ancestors in the first century.  We say, "If you do this, Lord, I will do that."  "Show me what to do, Lord, make the path clear to me."  Jesus performed miracles and signs, but he preferred it if the people didn't need them.  Jesus liked it better when their faith was a sign to him, like in yesterday's gospel about the woman who chased after him and wanted her daughter healed  (Matthew 15:21-28).  I sat in the backyard thinking about God's signs in my life and they are too numerous to count.  Each time I breathe in and out it is a sign that God wants me to keep on living on this planet.  After watching Helen's labored breaths that last day of her life, I realize eventually those breaths can stop.   But, I woke up this morning, breathing. That simple sign from God tells me exactly what God wants me to do. I am to get up and go about doing God's will here in Idaho Falls, Idaho, today.  What is God telling you, this day? Love, heidi