Friday, November 16, 2012

A list to live by...

"Whoever loses his life will save it."
Luke 17:33

I'm the type of learner who loves a list. Give me a nice list of things and I will memorize it and feel I really learned something! In today's reflection in "The Word Among Us," there is a wonderful list...a "spiritual wardrobe," they call it. Wearing these "outfits" in our everyday life will make us well-dressed for any occasion!
First, "keep your conscience clear." I need to try and behave myself, for cryin' out loud! As simple and obvious as it sounds, I do struggle so with people, I can easily act irritable and cold. Gotta work on that. Second, "love others." Again, isn't this a given? Not necessarily. It's hard to love people when they bug us. But, that is what makes it worthwhile. It's like baseball, if it was easy everyone could do it. ("A League of Their Own") And third, "stay close to Jesus." The way I see it, this one is necessary for us to even have half a chance at the other two. So, this will help me today, maybe it will help you too. Memorize this list, and, if you find yourself getting aggravated at anyone, go through it in your head...does it help? Blessings on your weekend! If you are traveling, God go with you! Love, heidi

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