Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come down quickly!

"When he reached the place, Jesus looked up and said,
'Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay
at your house.'"
Luke 19:5

Zacchaeus may have been a despised tax collector, thus villain, in Jewish society, but not to Jesus. Jesus saw something in Zacchaeus that touched his heart...Jesus saw a man who wanted to get closer to him. You remember the story...Zacchaeus was a little short fellow who was a wealthy tax collector. Jesus was surrounded by a crowd and Zacchaeus was too short to get a good look, so he climbed a tree in order to catch a glimpse of Jesus. Jesus beckoned him down from the tree and invited himself to Zacchaeus' house for dinner! In the end, Zacchaeus' encounter with Jesus caused him to give up his evil ways and repay the people he had cheated. He was redeemed by his encounter with Jesus.  As are we. We all may need to, metaphorically, climb a tree to get closer to Jesus, Friends! What must we put aside in our busy lives to get closer to Jesus? What must we climb to see Jesus better? We may need to go out on a limb...
Love, heidi

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