Monday, September 15, 2014

Accept what we cannot change...

"We are invited by God, as Jesus was, to accept our crosses."
James Martin, SJ, "Jesus: A Pilgrimage"
Yesterday, I read a bit more about Jesus' suffering and acceptance of his cross, and today, we read about Mary's acceptance of Jesus' suffering and her own sorrows.  Fr. Martin talks about the acceptance of suffering as the acceptance that some things cannot be changed.  Certainly Jesus demonstrates that as he walks the arduous journey to Calvary.  He accepts that his mission is to walk this painful road and suffer.  Well, Mary has to accept that as well.  And all of us parents know how hard it is to watch our kids go through anything difficult!  Fr. Martin says that we don't have to go looking for our has a way of doling them out to us.  But, as followers of Jesus, we can accept them with dignity and grace.  As Jesus did. And as Mary did.  Mary, please pray for us that we can accept the things we cannot change.  We look to you as an example of a woman who trusted implicitly in God, even when things may not have make sense at all. Jesus, thank you for giving us a loving Mother! (see John 19:26)  Love, heidi

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