Thursday, July 16, 2015

Live and in person

 "God replied, 'I AM who am...'"
Exodus 3:14
Never mind that these Exodus readings all remind me of Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments." That is the drawback of watching biblical movies at a young age--when I get to heaven I wonder if it will be hard to tell Moses from the actor who played him...but, I digress. Today, reading this, I think of the Mysterious God, giving Moses the mercurial answer, "I AM who am." Huh? Lucky for us, God didn't stay so mysterious forever. God is revealed in Jesus, many years later. God seemed to realize that this "stiff-necked" people needed to be able to see God, touch and be touched by God to be in relationship with God. This relationship is what God wanted from the start. It is easier to be in relationship with one of our own than with a mysterious burning bush or a fiery booming voice from a mountain top (thanks, again Cecil B. DeMille). So, God, ever wanting relationship with the people, came to us in Jesus. Wow, that, today!   Blessings on your day! Love, heidi

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