Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leave fear in the boat

..."why did you doubt?"
Matthew 14:31
Why, indeed, Jesus? Can't you see the wind and the waves tossing us about? When sensible fear finally gets hold of Peter as he is trying to walk on the water to Jesus, he panics.  The Gospel explains, clearly, that it was fear that caused Peter to falter on the water and begin to sink. Fear is the real enemy of faith in all that we do! Fear of rejection keeps us from reaching out and doing something good.  Fear of the unfamiliar may keep us trapped in old, stale ideas about people, thus causing us to judge unjustly.  Fear keeps us in the boat, unable grow, change, or help someone else. But, Jesus is there, hand out-stretched, ready to grab onto us, steady us and lead us forward. Today, whatever keeps us too safe, too inactive, too un-reaching, let us give to God. Let's hold out our hands and allow Jesus to steady us and keep us afloat. Let's leave our fear in the boat.  Love, heidi

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