Thursday, September 24, 2015

The key to communication

Yesterday, during our staff in-service, we were told the key to successful communication is in three words: acknowledge the other. Acknowledge the person with whom you are talking.  Isn't that exactly what Jesus did the whole time he walked the earth? That's why Jesus didn't just heal people, indiscriminately, as he moved through a crowd.  He stopped, looked into their eyes, asked them what they wanted him to do, heard their stories, touched them.  He acknowledged them and had relationships with them, although perhaps, briefly.  We can see that as we watch Pope Francis move through his visit in the US.  It was so moving to see him beckon a little five year old girl to come over to the popemobile so he could bless her and acknowledge her. We can spend a lifetime learning to let another person feel we acknowledge them and care about what they are sharing with us. So, today, as we move through our newly autumn Thursday, let's be very aware of acknowledging all we meet.  Even if it is just a nod and a smile as we pass by them on the sidewalk or in the hall.  Every single person is valuable and well worth acknowledging!  Love, heidi

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