Thursday, October 22, 2015

Early morning lesson, Day Two

Yesterday I told you the little story about the Sunday school teacher, who changed into his overalls before he took a new little lad (who was also in overalls) to the Sunday school class.  That was my Lesson #1 for that early morning at the hermitage. I realized how far away I am from where I would like to be and where God knows I can be. (My thought was to take the kid out and buy him church clothes--eek!)  Anyway, as I became so aware of my not-there-yet condition, it moved me to tears and I started just uncontrollably crying there in mass.  I had no tissues with me and I glanced around looking for something (a curtain, anything!) to mop up with.  I noticed that Sister had one solitary Kleenex in her little lair in the back, but I sure didn't want to take her last one.  And the idea of leaving the tiny chapel in the middle of mass wasn't appealing either.  I just tried, really hard, to stop crying and hoped I'd dry up by the sign of peace.  That worked okay.  After mass I got up to leave and slipped on my sweatshirt.  There, in the pocket, was a clean paper napkin I'd put in there the day before.  The lesson was: "You already have all you need, heidi-dear, just trust me." So, before the crack of dawn that morning, I'd learned two lessons.  One, I have a ways to go before I fully follow Jesus' example and love people just the way they are. Two, I have all I need to be the person God is growing me to be, I just need to trust God...the slow work of God. So, possibly, my lessons are your lessons, too?  Love, heidi

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