Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Perfect in weakness

"Your strength made perfect in weakness, made perfect our weakness..."
Sherry Muchira, "Made Perfect in Weakness" from the Lystra Silence album, Tremble Here
I've shared this with a few people, so if you have heard it, please hear it again, because it's incredible!  Our fearless Spiritual Direction leader, Peg Wuelfing, who died so suddenly this past Sunday, had wanted to be an organ donor.  After her death the Social Worker talked to the family and explained that, since Peg had previously had cancer, they could not use the organs, but they could use her eyes.  The family, very surprised, told the Social Worker that Peg had macular degeneration so her eyes were not healthy.  The Social Worker explained that her corneas were very healthy and they would give two people the gift of sight.  Only God could create a scenario where Peg's eyes could help others see!  This teaches us that God can and does use the weakest part of ourselves if we just turn ourselves over to God. God can take what is weak in us and still use it for good for others.  This is so truly God-in-action, Friends.  Where we are weak, God is strong. God's strength is made perfect in our weakness, like this beautiful song says. Let's remember this as we embark on a day we may not feel up to tackling.  Love, heidi

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