Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Accepting Love...

"Accepting Love is not always easy. It means first to recognize that this person in need is Love walking towards me..."
Sr. Gail Fitzpatrick, Give Us This Day
God was so wise to come into the world as a helpless, adorable infant.  Who can refuse a beautiful baby?  It's easy to love a baby... But since that time God came into the world as a vulnerable babe, Jesus comes into the world in much more difficult to recognize forms.  Mother Teresa calls it the "distressing disguise of the poor."  Jesus isn't always so cute when we find him in our world today. Jesus may not be so easy to recognize when he comes as a cranky patient, a disgruntled employee, an at-wits-end teacher.  Jesus is much easier to spot as the baby in the manger on the Christmas card. But, if we think about it, it wasn't easy for the people of his time to recognize him either.  Not all who met Jesus saw God in him; it was hard for them, too.  Today, let's keep our eyes open for Love walking towards us as we go about our Advent Wednesday.  I believe Jesus will be the most difficult person we encounter and I shudder to imagine how I will react! Lord, please help me to see you, however you come to me today! Love, heidi

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