Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Darkness is passing away...

..."for the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining."
1 John 2:8
Did you feel that? Yesterday had 30 seconds more daylight than last Monday.  Did you notice?  Can you just imagine our cavemen ancestors when it dawned on them that the days were slowly, yet markedly, getting longer?  Picture them sitting outside the cave, warming themselves by a fire.  "Don't call me crazy, Og, but does it seem like it's a bit lighter this morning?" I wonder if they were worried that the short days would continue until there was no daylight at all...just nighttime all the time.  Imagine their excitement when they noticed the days were getting even the tiniest bit longer.  No wonder they made a holiday and festival of the winter solstice!  No wonder Pope Julius I declared the celebration of the Savior's birth at a time when the light was so welcome! The Light of God enters the world as a tiny infant, and the darkness of winter gradually gives way to minutes more light.  Both are starting small and barely noticeable. Sounds like a party to me!  Jesus, our Light, is never more welcome than when the darkness is deep.  What can we do to celebrate and thank God for coming as Light into our winter lives? 

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