Monday, January 11, 2016

Accept our "present"...

  "Why should we need to awaken our deepest and most profound selves? And how do we do it? By praying and meditating? By more silence, solitude, and sacraments? Yes to all of the above, but the most important way is to live and fully accept our present reality."
Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, "Journey to the Center"
I spent some time yesterday catching up on Fr. Richard Rohr's Daily Reflections and this particular one just rang my bell! "To live and fully accept our present reality..."  That is the way to awaken our deepest selves? Incredible, that.  I'm the type of person to live, very fully, in my imagination. Especially now, as I feel I'm on a precipice with life changes looming.  I tend to live more there, in the future, than here, in the present.  But I can see how that doesn't work.  I had a powerful moment at the Hermitage years ago, as I'm waxing to Jesus about my future and Jesus gently suggests I try to do "now" better.  As I prayed with this yesterday, I thought, how can I better live and accept my present reality, right here, right now? Can I eagerly look forward to heading to work this morning after a wonderful weekend? Can I look at the beginning of this week as many opportunities to love God and show that love through my interactions with all the folks in my Monday? I prayed that I can receive the grace to do just that.  And so, here I go!  Love, heidi

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