Monday, February 8, 2016

In the dark cloud...

"Then Solomon said, 'The Lord intends to dwell in the dark cloud'"...
1 Kings 8:12
Who would think to look for God there, in the dark cloud?  But I totally believe Solomon called it correctly right here.  The end of last week, I was pondering my "closest moments to Christ," for 4th Day.  It was another week of waiting and wondering re: the flood. I was trying to be patient and give everyone involved time to do their jobs, but here I was (still am) living in the rubble, sort of.  I realized that God felt closest to me in the quandary, not just in the resolution.  God felt so close during the sleepless nights, the angst, the uncertainty.  God was there in the rubble.  It is (slowly!) getting resolved and that is wonderful, but when I look back, God felt ever closer in the dark cloud.  Today, as we go forth on a winter Monday (the very definition of dark cloud!), let's realize that God rejoices with us during the good times, but God is also, maybe even closer, in the dark clouds we may go through.  Love, heidi

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