Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Open our eyes and minds!

"Now, Master, you can dismiss your servant in peace; you have fulfilled your word. For my eyes have witnessed your saving deed displayed for all peoples to see..."
Luke 2:29-31
Simeon had been waiting for the promised Messiah his whole life and now he was an old man, still waiting. When Joseph and Mary bring the baby Jesus to the temple Simeon takes little Jesus in his arms and says, "OK, this is the promised Messiah...that's all I need to see."  God gifted him with the ability to recognize who it was he had longed for his whole life.  Like Simeon, we long for Jesus, too.  Unlike Simeon, we do not have to wait long for Jesus, but we can see Jesus every single day.  Last week I had the privilege of seeing Jesus in a gentleman in a small town about an hour from here. The gift to me was in the recognition and the fact that I had some things that could help the man.  I drove away knowing I had encountered Jesus and wasn't THAT awesome? That was just one guy, one day.  Jesus will be in my day today, too.  I just pray I can recognize him!  Everyday God fulfills the Word in our lives, just like with Simeon.  Our eyes will witness God's saving power today--let's keep them open to see and our minds open to recognize!  Love, heidi

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