Friday, March 11, 2016

Food for thought?

"God of loving truth, keep me from the world of gossip and accusation. Do not let me 'kill' others, even in my mind and heart."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Wondrous Encounters--Scripture for Lent"
The authorities are coming after Jesus in today's Gospel (John 7:1-25). The handwriting is on the wall.  Holy week is approaching.  As these events take place it gets me thinking about how I view and feel about others.  Of course we are to love others.  But, ALL others?  There are certainly people I feel very justified NOT loving (this is an election year, after all).  There are people who seem like fair game for me to dislike and speak out against.  But when I do that, am I "killing" them?  Can I disagree with them without hating them? What about how we feel about those who attack Jesus? Or those who rile Jesus' anger? Jesus, himself, had righteous anger against those who he felt were abusing his Father's house.  All of this is very ponder-worthy, my Friends.  And Fr. Rohr's prayer here is good for us to pray and remember, especially if we feel we are in any way justified in our distain for anyone. Anyone. Love, heidi

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