Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Go to the edge...

 "Jesus spends little time trying to ferret out sinners or impose purity codes in any form. He just goes where the pain is."
Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, Sunday March 20.
If we want to imitate Jesus and how he lived and what he did, we need to do the same--go where the pain is.  Our tendency, however, is to scrutinize, judge, and evaluate the worthiness of others, before we decide to help them. That is the exact opposite of Jesus. Fr. Rohr calls it Jesus' "bias toward the bottom." Jesus knows who needs him and those are the people he hastens to serve; the Samaritan woman at the well (with her many husbands), the lepers, the disabled, the poor. He didn't come to serve the well but to heal the sick. And now, during Holy Week, Jesus, himself, becomes one of the marginalized. He, himself, is arrested, tried, beaten, and given a humiliating public execution. He goes to the furthest edge of the margins. And we must go with him--where the pain is. Blessed Oscar Romero said, "A church that does not unite itself to the not the Church of Jesus Christ." (from Give Us This Day). Jesus, we are sorry for the indifference we have toward all those you have told us to embrace. Help us to walk with you to the very edge and stay with you there. Help us to see that those suffering in our world and in our time are You.  Love, heidi  

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