Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Who, literally, is my neighbor?

"But because he wished to justify himself he said to Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor?'"
Luke 10:29
It's funny what six hours of no electricity will do to a neighborhood! Our neighborhood found out Monday night when a dump truck knocked down power lines, sending the power company scurrying to restore power. It sent us all out into the streets, much like the zombies in an Apocalypse movie. I met neighbors I'd driven by for nine years and knew by sight and location but now we were actually talking! Wow, that! It sort of reminded me of the 60's...people hanging outside on a summer evening, chatting with whoever walks by. It was reminiscent and lovely. Besides being concerned about the food in the fridge and freezer, I rather enjoyed it. I choose to unplug fairly regularly, myself, on my Silent days, but having the whole neighborhood participate added a whole new element.   I felt a little bit differently as I drove through the neighborhood on my way to work the next day.  I felt a little more at home.  Let's try taking a walk through our neighborhoods on a summer evening and making a point of talking with neighbors we see outside. We don't need a power outage to do that! Love, heidi

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