Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Put your words in my mouth, Lord!

"Then the Lord extended his hand and touched my mouth saying, 'See, I place my words in your mouth.'"
Jeremiah 1:9-10

Isn't that a beautiful image? Haven't we all experienced times when we've felt God has given us just the right thing to say? Haven't we all experienced the opposite when we wished God could have clamped our mouths shut, thus avoiding the shame of our ill-chosen words hanging over our heads in a bubble? If we give God half a chance God will provide our words...more carefully than when we choose them ourselves.  Especially now, when emotions are running so hot and everyone seems ready to combust. How can we turn our words and reactions over to God? Can we allow God to filter what we say so that we can bring peace--God's peace--to our high fire danger world? Today, let's remember these words from the prophet Jeremiah. God can say it to us, too, if only we surrender our words to God.  Gracious and peace-sowing God, please put your words in my mouth today, so I can only say kind, compassionate, truthful and loving words to your people. Love, heidi

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