Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The quiver of our hearts.

"May your compassion quickly come to us, for we are brought very low."
Psalm 79:8

I remember, long ago, reading the definition of compassion as being the quiver of our hearts in sync with the suffering of another.  Compassion is feeling the pain of another person's suffering.  Beautiful, that. Daughter Jeni has been helping a couple visiting the US for medical treatment. They live a very simple life in another country so the perplexities of navigating a big city here in the states is overwhelming to them.  Jeni has spent the last several days helping them get "sorted," as they say. Her mission finished, we talked on her way to the airport yesterday and her voice quivered with compassion as she described their situation. Her love and concern for them came through loud and clear. Her compassion moved me and my heart quivered with concern for them, too. Compassion is contagious, Friends!  Let's seek that as we move through our summer Tuesday. Loving and Compassionate God, thank you for pouring love into our hearts so we can feel the struggle of others. Help us to never lose that as you never lose your compassion for us. Help us to help others...love, heidi

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