Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It is all gift...

"What can we do for a God so generous that (God) died for us, created us, and gives us being?"
St. Teresa of Avila, "The Interior Castle," as quoted in Give Us This Day

What indeed? I thought about this a bit this morning and realized that it will take much more pondering. But I also came to an idea right off the bat. What we can do for our God who gives us everything is to love each other better. People come and go in our lives and they affect us.  Some are easy to love and we just enjoy loving them. Others may be a bit harder, but those are the people who have the most to teach us. Those are the people God specifically gifts us with to help us grow. We can go with that, learn to love them better and thus, grow. Or we can throw up a wall and keep them on the other side, thereby refusing the chance to grow.  Everything is gift. Everyone is gift. How we open, unwrap and appreciate the gift is up to us.  But it IS all gift.  Love, heidi

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