Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Leaving it behind!

"As Jesus and his disciples were proceeding on their journey, someone said to him, 'I will follow you wherever you go.'"
Luke 9:57

Pray-As-You-Go invites us to pray and ponder what it looks like to leave everything and follow Jesus.  Is it necessary to actually really leave everything? The apostles surely left their fishing boats, relatives and tax collecting booth to, literally, follow Jesus from village to village. What about us? Can we, even briefly, leave our nests and worldly responsibilities to spend some time with Jesus? Could we spend a day, an afternoon or even an hour unplugged? Can we make a conscious effort to turn off the ringers, the computer, the TV, the car radio? Letting go of those seems to me to be the modern day equivalent of "leaving it all behind" and following Jesus. Jesus can give us so much if we can just let go of the ringers and vibrations of our daily lives, if even for a short period of time. And through that time, maybe we can ask Jesus to help us shed other hindrances we are so tied to, like our judgments, prejudices, worries, unloving thoughts. Leaving all that behind would make any sacrifice of time so fruitful!  Let's make plans for carving out some quiet time with Jesus...our nests and duties will survive while we're away! Love, heidi

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