Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Change of head, change of heart...

"Every change of mind is first of all a change of heart, and if the heart does not change, new ideas do not last long."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Preparing for Christmas with Richard Rohr"

In pondering this, this early winter morning, I had a real Eureka! moment. It is God, working deeply within us, that eventually gets our heads and hearts on the same page.  God may give us an idea or notion, then gently works on our hearts to give us the desire to do whatever is needed. I can know a path to take that would probably be safer and better for me in the long run, but unless my heart comes onboard and agrees, it is an empty, useless thought.  Ah, but if my heart can agree, if God puts that very desire into my heart and I feel it as a desire, then the head and heart are in alignment and I can go forth and do whatever-it-is.  God puts the deep desires into our hearts.  God urges us to follow our deep desires, that is where God's will for us is, in fact. I can look back through the choices I have made with my head and see my heart's desire line up and vice versa.  I can also see the burning desire of my heart come to fruition through decisions and plans made and followed through. It is sure easier to see looking back than it is looking ahead, isn't it?  But, looking back, when we can clearly see God's tracks in our lives, we can be less anxious about the future.  Love, heidi

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