Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let it start in me...

"We're singing Glory, Glory, let there be peace, let there be peace.
We're singing Glory, Glory, let there be peace, let it start in me."
Matt Maher, "Glory (Let There Be Peace)"

I've been enjoying this Matt Maher song all season, and I hope they continue to play it on the radio, even after the holidays. As our calendar changes to a new year, peace seems such a long way off, unattainable, really. But the fact is, we, ourselves need to be the change agents we seek in our world. Each one of us can pray for peace within our own hearts and then we can spread that peace throughout our circles of influence. Each one of us will find ourselves in an environment today that needs us to bring peace to it. Could it be stopping gossip in the office? Could it be visiting a person who is stuck at home? Could it be smiling at a stranger? Could it be reaching out to a friend we haven't seen in a while? Let's pray with this song (link below) and invite God's peace into our own hearts. God is always so happy to answer that prayer! Then let's really be aware of every place we visit today where God's peace, through us, may be extended out to others.  "Let it start in me. Let it start in me!" Love, heidi
Glory (Let There Be Peace)

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