Thursday, February 9, 2017

God's desire for creation?

"The Lord God said, 'It is not good for man to be alone...'"
Genesis 2:18

On Pray-as-You-Go this morning, the question is asked, "What is God's desire for creation?"  Good one, that.  All through scripture and other spiritual books I'm reading, the answer seems to be Companionship and Relationship.  Jesus sought out relationships all through his ministry. God pursued relationship with the Jewish people all through the Old Testament.  It IS not good for man to be alone! We cannot live the life of Christ in isolation.  The life of Christ is all about relationship. Period. Some of these relationships are easy and give us great joy, others, not so much.  It's the relationships that cause us to struggle that really teach us though, if we think about it.  The relationships where we have to climb out of ourselves and put others first.  The relationships where we may feel put upon or under-nourished are the ones that God wants to teach us to be more like Jesus.  Last night, as I was doing my Examen, I didn't have to wonder where I could have done better.  It was obvious to me I'd fallen way short in a relationship setting.  Now I can beat myself up about that or I can get out there and try, with God's help, to do better today.  It is God's desire that I am in the relationships I find myself in.  I need to show up and try harder! Love, heidi

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