Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nudge me out of the way...

"I know where I theory. I'm FOR Jesus. But I can get around that by leaving Jesus out of some real-life issues...
Am I for Jesus or against Jesus?"
The Little Black Book

Oh that question is as easy as "Do you want to get well?" from yesterday! Isn't it?  I sat and thought about which real-life issues I may be excluding Jesus from in my life.  What about my unattractive tendency to judge others harshly? Where is Jesus in there? Those hardest to love in my little kingdom ARE actually Jesus and how do I treat them? Looking at it that way I look to be quite against Jesus and that is the last thing I'd ever want to be.  The solution for that is for me to yield to God who resides in my heart and let God love through me.  God is very happy to love all those I find difficult to love. I may need to just step out of the way so God can do just that.  Gracious and Forgiving God, my judgments, prejudices, and just general ickiness about others prevents me from truly loving Jesus well.  Give me a nudge out of the way so you can love others with your heart. Hopefully, my heart will learn from yours to love better!  Amen. Love, heidi

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