Thursday, September 1, 2011

I can't but you can...

"Lord Jesus, I can't but you can. And you will. Please take care of my intentions in the best way. Thank you for acting."
Sr. Susan Evangelist

The other day, I answered the phone and heard a lilting Irish voice on the other end. Sure and Begorrah! It was Sr. Evangelist, the Irish Sister of Mercy who taught me Spanish in high school! She was visiting in the US and gave me a call! I hadn't heard this lilting Irish voice for twenty-five years, but it was unmistakable. It was like I was fifteen again and raptly listened to the wit and wisdom of Sr. E. After we caught up with each others' lives (She works in a House of Prayer in Drumkeen, Ireland) she wanted to pray with me over the phone. The prayer was a simple one of hope and peace and I am sharing it with you today. Clearly, I would not be the person I am today if not for Sr. E (I sure wouldn't have the Irish brogue down as well as I do!) But, also, all the dear sisters I had in school, the Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of Mercy, alike. Now, as a grown up, I deeply appreciate all they did for me and thanks be to God, I got the chance to tell her! So, today, I invite you to jot down Sr. E's little prayer and pray it with an Irish may work better! Love, heidi

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