Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The dance of life...

"The point of the spiritual life is that you dance the music God pipes in YOU."
Sue Monk Kidd, "When the Heart Waits"

As I pondered this today, I realized that life is a dance. Sometimes, it is a slow dance--lingering, swaying, more somber and serious. Other times, it's a cha-cha or a salsa--fast, vibrant, reeling. Sometimes, it's just wild and crazy free-style! Sometimes you have a partner, sometimes you don't. One thing is certain, your dance is uniquely YOU, as Sue Monk Kidd emphasizes in this quote. Your dance is the inner you coming visible, the child in you, the less inhibited, less careful you. The inner you can't let music happen without dancing to it. God puts the music within you and your response is the dance. What music are you hearing this day? Love, heidi

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