Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembering the vets...

"I glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work
that you gave me to do."
John 17:4

Tomorrow we celebrate Veteran's Day. Five years ago this month, in Kalispell Montana, a great veteran was laid to rest. Al Miron served his country in WWII, but more importantly, he served the veterans of Montana for nearly forty years. He worked for the Division of Veteran's Affairs, tirelessly helping veterans receive their benefits and improving their lives. Al was a family man, raising his own four kids and always one little My connection to the Miron family began when Al's mom began baby-sitting me when I was two weeks old. It continues to this day. Al's amazing family scooped me up whenever they came to town and included me in every single thing they did. Al was like a favorite uncle to me. He had a laugh that entered a room long before he did...big and boisterous and you laughed at the laugh. Al had infinite patience with us kids...he would tolerate twenty-five verses of "I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am," in the car without batting an eye. Yes, Al Miron was a great veteran, and father, and husband and guy. He was the kind of veteran we remember on Veteran's Day. When I think of him entering heaven, I think of all his family and veteran friends waiting to greet him there, and I think of all those who have missed his laugh and are hearing it again. I look forward to hearing it again one day, too, when I get to heaven. So, please pray for all veterans today, those living and those who have already gone to their reward. Let us ask God to bless all men and women who continue to serve...and may we soon have Peace on earth.
Love heidi

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