Tuesday, December 6, 2011

God is in it all...

"If you honestly seek God, you will find him in everything, and everything will lead closer to him."
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen

When we first made our Cursillo, many years ago now, we came out of there with wide, open eyes for seeing God. Everything was so different to us because we were able to see God in everything, just as Fr. Stinissen says here. Colors were brighter (which is why "De Colores" is the theme song of Cursillo!), music was better, love was vibrant and alive all around. We were honestly seeking God through that experience and God was so there! What we learn after that initial high, is that life goes on...days drift by...we return to earth. Blessedly, as we continue our journey, we learn to see God in the difficult and uncomfortable times as well as the happy, God-full experiences. We see God in places we never expected to see God and in people we never expected, too. We gradually realize that God is not an illusive, "out-there" experience, but that God is alive and well inside of us and each other. And, everything we experience, can lead us closer to the God-dwelling within. As we go through our nearly-winter Tuesday, let's be aware of God's presence in everything and everyone we meet. Let's take the experiences of our day and appreciate how they lead us closer to God. Love, heidi

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