Monday, December 5, 2011

Listen for the knock

"Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God..."
Isaiah 40:1

Last night, Father gave a wonderful homily about God giving us comfort. So often we don't seem to feel God's comfort as we are going through difficult times and we may wonder, where exactly IS God in all this mess? Father talked about God knocking at our door, reaching out to us, but we just aren't opening the door. God sees us inside, but we don't leap up to answer it and let him in. This leads me to wonder how do we open the door to God's presence and comfort in our lives? Lately, I have been drawn to silence and I really feel that is my answer right now, at this point on my journey. I'd like to think that, sitting in silence--hard as that may be for me--is my way of opening the door and letting God into my heart. It may be different for you, surely, but for me, it feels as though God calls me into silent, still prayer. Let's think about how God is knocking at the doors of our hearts, so eager for us to let him in! We may be busy watching TV or sitting at the computer or, maybe we have the music turned up too loud to hear the knock. How can we be more open to God's yearning to be part of our lives? Love, heidi

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