Friday, March 9, 2012

Where we are...

"Lord, it's good to be here."
Matthew 17:4

Along with "Santa fe all the way!" this statement from Peter is another of Fr. Ed Hays' Lenten prayers. Peter was witnessing the Transfiguration and was so excited about what he was seeing he wanted to make it last. Fr. Ed Hays uses it as a good Lenten prayer, because we need to affirm it in our own lives. Lord, it's good to be here. Where, we may be tempted to ask. Here, now, wherever we are. But, we may protest, I'm not content here, now. Precisely, says God. But "here" is where I need you to be and I can work with you and help you--here. "Here" is where you are and it is good. We all may be waiting to do something special. I saw a Catholic nun on the news the other night, who was the only doctor in a tiny, impoverished town. She was doing something special. She could look at her life and say, "Lord, it's good to be here." But we need to remember that God works with us in our daily lives, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. So, anywhere we are, God is, and it's good. This weekend, let's say to ourselves, many times..."Lord, it's good to be here," and celebrate and we ARE doing something special! Love, heidi

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