Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shine on, shine on!

"I came into the world as light..."
John 12:46

...And I need you to shine in the world as light. Each day we are called to shine with Jesus' light in our daily dealings with the world. How blessed are we that an endless supply of light is available for us to tap into as we live each day! Spending a few minutes with Jesus as we begin our day fuels us for whatever will happen, whatever comes our way. We all will face situations today that may challenge us, baffle us, please us, frustrate us, you name it. But we know where to turn for guidance and our Light will help us put light on the situations we face. Lord, I have so much to do today and it all could really stress me out. Please use me to let Your Light shine on each situation I face. I am not much of a "shiner" without you shining through me. Let me be a lamp for you today! Love, heidi

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