Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feasting is prayer!

"Blessed are those who have been called to the wedding feast of the Lamb."
Revelation 19:9

This reading, today, coincides perfectly with my chapter on feasting in Fr. Ed Hays' "Pray All Ways!" Feasting has been part of the spiritual experience of humans ever since Adam and Eve feasted on the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Fr. Ed points out that, throughout Jesus' life, he feasted, fed the multitudes, and, finally, during his last meal with his disciples, he gave his very self for their nourishment. Fr. Ed also points out that we are losing the art of feasting, with our drive-thru windows and our hurry-up lifestyles. Meals should be shared and enjoyed and not necessarily with the evening news. Feasting is prayer when people are gathered, lovingly-prepared food is shared, and stories are told, and the prayer continues when the dishes are washed and dried together, as the conversation continues. The next time we gather for a meal with others, let's be aware of the prayer that it certainly can be! Praying a mindful grace before the meal, enjoying community during the meal, and joining hands together in the clean-up are all part of prayerful feasting! Love, heidi

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