Thursday, November 1, 2012

No matter what!

"God, to the psalmist, is a God who feels our feelings and commiserates with them, understands them, know how they affect us and stands by while we work through them."
Joan Chittister, "The Psalms"

The beauty of God is that God knows us inside and out and loves us anyway. Somehow, along the way, we get the feeling we need to alter, change and improve ourselves for God and that couldn't be further from the truth! Now, it is true that we may need to improve how we deal with others, and God is eager to help us there! But, God made us and loves us right where we are. God wants us to grow in mercy and love...and Jesus came to show us what that looks like. But, God isn't impatient with us if we aren't exactly there yet. Just like with a young don't get angry because a two-year old can't read. You understand that skill will come in time and is part of the growth and learning process. You love that child, no matter what! Well, God loves us no-matter-what, too! Let's celebrate that this All Saints Day! Love, heidi

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  1. Thanks for your great blog Heidi! I'll see if it is easier to post a comment this time! Thanks for your friendship and laughter! Marjorie