Monday, October 29, 2012

An amazing God!

"When we pray, we come out of our shelters and not only see our own nakedness but also see that there is no enemy to hide from, only a friend who likes nothing better than to clothe us with a new coat."
Henri Nouwen, "With Open Hands"

I love this! I'm learning (gradually) that prayer is relationship...a purely love relationship. And it's not like my relationship with Santa Claus--draw up a list of wants, once a year, and hope that I am good enough to receive them. It is a love relationship with one party loving more than anyone could ever imagine and the other party gobbling that up like an autumn apple cobbler, a la mode. Daughter Jeni is leaving today for Australia, to spend (their) summer months working the music festival circuit. Oh, I could make a long list of prayer requests...but my prayer today is just this: God, please be with her! The love and peacefulness wells up inside and I am so soothed by it. We love an amazing God! Love, heidi

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