Friday, November 9, 2012

The gifts of winter...

"A natural spirituality seeks a return to that ageless friendship with creation that shows itself in a reverence for all nature."
Ed Hays, "Pray All Ways"

I have decided, this morning of an early snow, to make a conscious effort to embrace winter this year. I usually struggle so with winter, much preferring spring and summer, but I am realizing that we cannot have the new birth of spring without the death and rest of winter. Instead of battling against the winter chill, I am going to welcome it. The earth needs a rest...bears need to nap, trees needs to shed their tired leaves and grow new ones. The ground needs to rest frozen and the earth greatly needs the moisture of winter--snow. And I, as a human, need to rejoice in the very season I seem to struggle with more every year. The shorter days signal our bodies to rest. The cold temperatures can invigorate us and wake us up. God created this cyclical dying and rebirth and it is a wonderful thing!
Lord, please help me to embrace the coming of winter. Help me to appreciate the beauty of the naked trees and frozen earth. Help me to revel in the snow you send to water the world. Help me to appreciate the gifts of winter! Amen! Love, heidi

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