Friday, December 21, 2012

Arise my beautiful one!

"Christmas is the promise that the God who came in history and comes daily in mystery will one day come in glory."
Brennan Manning, "Reflections for Ragamuffins"

But, perhaps, not today. I woke up this morning, not to the end of the world, but to the dogs who wanted their breakfast. So, I guess the world didn't end. I really didn't think it would, did you? Throughout history, it seems, when people seem to think they know what is going to happen, they find out they don't. We don't know what is going to happen and if we spend too much time trying to figure it out and prepare for it, we will lose precious time living in the present. So, as the shortest day of the year dawns in east Idaho, I know only a few things...I am given this day as a gift. I know that Jesus is beside me every second of this day and God loves me more than I could ever fathom. I know that, being given so much in my life, I want to share with others and help ease burdens others may carry on their journey. And, I know that I have such an awesome gift of family and friends to walk the journey with me. And that is about all I know. And, surely, it is enough! Love, heidi
PS: I will be taking a few days off next week, so will take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Christmas! As it says in Song of Songs, "Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!" Come Baby Jesus!

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